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Stone floor cleaning in Nottingham

March 11, 2012


We are S.P.stone floor cleaning services Nottingham, we provide stone floor cleaning and polishing services for Nottingham Nottinghamshire and surrounding county’s, We clean all stone floor types including Slate Travertine Limestone Marble Terrazzo Ceramic and more, we also clean and renovate Victorian floors and quarry tiled floors.

We provide our professional floor cleaning services in Nottingham Derbyshire Lincolnshire Leicestershire Warwickshire Yorkshire areas

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Below are some of the stone and tile types we clean


A sedimentary rock composed of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate) or dolomite. The primary source of calcite is usually marine organisms. Regularly used to make concrete and is an excellent building stone for use in humid regions.



Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are formed under extremely high pressure and fired at very high temperatures. This make these tiles much denser and stronger than the common glazed ceramic tiles so they are ideal for entryways, corridors and other high traffic areas. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications.  



A metamorphic stone that is characterized by a sheet-like structure with parallel cleavage, which permits it to be split readily into thin, smooth sheets. It is composed of clay, quartz, and mica and comes in a multitude of colors.


A form of limestone distinguished by layered structures of pores and cavities producing an open texture. It is formed from calcium carbonate that is deposited from the water of mineral springs (especially hot springs) or streams holding lime in solution.


A colorful flooring material made of marble or stone chips embedded in a cement or epoxy binder. After the floor has hardened it is ground and polished to a smooth and durable finish. Traditionally, terrazzo floors are poured and set on site, but manufactured terrazzo tiles are also available.


A sedimentary stone primarily composed of grains of quartz sands cemented with silica, iron oxide, or calcium carbonate. These cementing materials make one sandstone behave very differently from another. Sandstones containing silica are quite hard, strong, and decay resistant, whereas those containing calcite resemble

Quarry Tile

Tile made from shale, clay, or earth, resulting in an unglazed tile with color throughout. Usually in squares and often terra-cotta in color. Quarry tiles are used for both floors and walls and are normally used indoors.

limestone in their susceptibility to acid damage, and those containing clay absorb water and deteriorate more easily.

Ceramic Tile

Tiles that are made by shaping a nonmetallic mineral, such as clay, and then fired at a high temperature, which gives the tile its hardness. The most common type is glazed ceramic tiles made by applying liquid glass to the body of the tile and firing at high temperatures. The glazing becomes hard and non-porous leaving a surface that is scratch resistant, fire resistant, and easy to clean.