Cleaning for stone or tile floors

Many clients struggle with cleaning and maintenance of their stone or tiled floors, often we find they are using the wrong products, all natural stone isn’t the same so one product may not work for all, calcium based floors such as marble, travertine or limestone do not like acidic cleaners, acid based cleaners can cause damage such as etching to the surface of calcium based floors, etching can be difficult to remove without the aid of a professional,

Sealed stone and tiled floors don’t like high alkaline cleaning agents as these can break down a seal, or continued use may bleach the surface of your floor again resulting in the use of a professional to rectify.

Our main advice to our clients is to make sure any cleaning product used on natural stone especially is PH neutral, by following this advice its very unlikely that damage can be caused, stone soap is a particular favorite of ours, stone soap will create a natural seal and help to protect limestone, travertine or marble, it can also be used on most other floors as a daily cleaner, if in doubt always call your floor cleaning expert to ask their advice!

travertine floor cleaning in Nottingham

Tumbled travertine floor deep cleaned and re-finished by S.P.carpet and upholstery care

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