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Olympic chair cleaning

April 16, 2018

We earlier this year were asked to clean some office modular type chairs that had been used during the 2012 Olympics, the chairs had some quite severe staining to remove, Carl pre-sprayed the seats with our eco-friendly cleaning solution then extracted with our Airflex storm portable cleaning machine, the client was happy with the results.

Minton floor cleaning Terrace Royal Nottingham

April 16, 2018

We had been asked to clean a Victorian geometric Minton floor for Nottingham Trent University at their Terrace Royal Building Nottingham, the floor had been under carpet for sometime but during current renovations they required the floor to be exposed again, the floor had various contaminants such as adhesive and previous floor coatings and linseed, we cleaned and stripped the floor back by hand removing the contaminants, cleaned with our specialist cleaning solutions and our klindex floor machine and flushed to neutralize, we allowed the floor a week to dry and applied an oil based seal to protect and enhance the floors colours.

Minton floor cleaning specialists Nottingham

Carpet cleaning in Nottingham

April 2, 2018

Spring is on its way and its time to get your carpets deep cleaned, over the winter period all sorts of things can get trampled in from outside such as grit and salt from road de-icing, grit like this can get deep into the carpets fibres and cause a grinding action, this will cause the carpet to wear prematurely, professional deep cleaning of your carpets is the best way to thoroughly remove the deeply embedded particles, deep cleaning done by skilled carpet cleaning professionals will also reduce bacteria and potential allergens.

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